Discussing women’s fashion and attire in the work place can lead to a discussion with Human Resources, especially in some places with outdated ideas and policies. Still, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look sharp and professional, regardless of gender. Knowing what to wear when, and how to look good doing it, is a useful trick to know in any business for anyone on the job.

Formal Fashion

Traditional formal fashion between the genders has differed in two specific aspects: ties and skirts. In some realms, women wearing ties is expected, usually in school uniforms. In modern times, both ties for women and pants instead of skirts are generally acceptable. Places where skirts are required for women tend to veer away from proper formal attire. The basics, of course, remain the same. A suit or formal outfit, depending on the job’s requirements, remain excellent options. Always remember, though, that heels are terrible and should feel terrible.

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