careerrace.in is the easily accessible website of India where students are provided with latest information on Punjab GK.This sector includes the history of sikh gurus starting from Guru Nanak Dev ji to Guru Gobind Singh ji. We also provide information on their socail work done for humanity an for the sake of people. Not only this,students can also find information on the cabinet ministers along with their portfolios.Information on the members of parliament qand legislative assembly is also rendered on this website with their constituency and their parties.If one needs to know the universities of Punjab,they are easily available on this site in just one click. A clear- cut differentiation is made between the private and the public universities of Punjab region.Along with this Punjab census of year 2011 is also available on careerrace.in which covers various fielda like literacy rate,density,etc.
students also get information about various competitive exams. Students here in can avail the opportunity for free online preparation. We at careerrace.


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