For starters, ICSI is a procedure where a single sperm is injected into a mature oocyte with the help of a micromanipulator. At the face of it, the procedure may require a week to get basically trained but that may not prepare you to sail through the overwhelming tides of handling regular cases and unpredictable nature of the load of work. The following steps can help overcome pitfalls and result in an exhaustive preparedness into ICSI.

Firstly, the fundamentals lie in knowing the machine and the micromanipulator or the microscope thoroughly. It is like you ought to marry the machine in order to get accustomed to every facet and aspect of its working. The experience has taught that embryologists tend to bypass this essentiality. It is important to know about the condenser as much as it is important to know about the holding and the injecting pipette. Any type, whether it is RI or Narishige and even Eppendorf system, knowing intricate details of the machine will be the foundation on which you can even tackle troubleshooting issues.



NDIS accreditation



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