A man who is a bringer of great promise. However Musk also predicts that ‘robots will be able to do everything better than us’ and they will ‘take your jobs, and government will have to pay your wage’. He also believes that we should be very concerned and proactively regulate Artificial Intelligence as it is a ‘risk to the existence of human civilization’ in a way that risks we commonly deal with now are only harmful to a set of individuals in society.

In contrast Mark Zuckerberg, the equally famous entrepreneur of Facebook is more optimistic saying that artificial intelligence will improve life in the future and that naysayers are irresponsible. Is technology the bringer of great promise? The positives of AI are certainly immense For people with a disability, the Fourth Industrial Revolution will give us super powers Birgit Skarstein, Double paralympic athlete and World Rowing Champion, Norway Imagine a robot capable of treating Ebola patients or cleaning up nuclear waste.


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